tirsdag den 24. april 2012


please enjoy this magnificent online comp/noise radio.

or else....

tirsdag den 22. november 2011

Fækal Omsorg "Poopmaster Shitstorm"

Now that the masterpiece is sold out from the label we decided to put it up for download! Get it HERE.

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tirsdag den 23. august 2011

FÆKAL OMSORG: Anus Invictus.

Noise Is A Virtue Records and Ablablablablabla's new label Shit Music for Shit People have collaborated on releasing the FxO666 album "Anus Invictus" on a 3" cd-r in a mini dvd case and with lyrics in a beautiful booklet.

Here is the front cover:

The album contains eight tracks of brutal blackened schizo-shitcore recorded in E.Lig's apartment early 2010.

The loyal follower of NIAVrec. will already have discovered that "Anus Invictus" is already available as download on this site.... and indeed it is...
...But if people would like to get their filthy paws on a physical product they can.

Visit Shit Music for Shit People HERE and gaze in wonder on all the great releases.


Shit Music for Shit People have also released the following Fækal Omsorg albums:

POOPMASTER SHITCORE (the FxO666 masterpiece).
TARDY CONSUMER SKANK (a business card cd-r EP with crazy shitcore noiseblasts).
A FxO666 split w. Fatal Position.

All these and many more available at Shit Music for Shit People!

fredag den 5. august 2011

GRAVHUND's first album available for free.

We at NIAVrec HQ have decided to celebrate our 10th anniversary release by releasing the first NIAVrec release as a free download. We speak here of danish GRAVHUND's first album from 2009 Sugar Bunny Having Funny.


GRAVHUND - sugar bunny having funny.

1. Candy Fart Pt. 1.
2. Sexy Sexual Radio Sex.
3. Doggy Woggy Poochy Poo.
4. Baby Darling Hon.
5. Candy Fart Pt. 2.
6. Heartbeat (hoppi-di-hop dub).
7. Bee Hive Love Affairs.


mandag den 2. maj 2011

Becoming Flesh Mountain - Sausage Penetrator of White Ruine.

One of Becoming Flesh Mountains more experimental works. Strange samples, noises from the harbour of Aarhus, Denmark and funky beats. The folder contains one track on around 8 minutes and 6 individual pages of random artwork created for this release. Enjoy.

Becoming Flesh Mountain - Sausage Penetrator of White Ruine
(NIAVrec 009).

1. Crushing an Ill Rainbow (penetrator of power projector shield).

Download it HERE!

lørdag den 30. april 2011

Aikichi Kuboyama - Cancer Men.

I got a mail with this awesome album asking if I'd be interested in posting it on my blog. And if there is ONE thing Noise Is A Virtue Records is ready to do - it's posting harsh noise.

Here is what stood in the mail I received:

Harsh Noise artist from Japan. "Cancer Men" is my second album - the title's inspired by the poem "Cancer Men... These Individuals Are Marked Foe...", by William S. Burroughs. To produce this album (my most complex so far) I used cheap softwares, various samples, my own vocals and lots of your typical noise junk like vacuum cleaners and pans (processed in computer, obviously). "Cancer Men" lasts 29 minutes and has 3 untitled tracks. The first is a completely electronic track; the second is a meditation with fucked up sounds and processed vocals (largely inspired by the Power Electronics 80's scene) and the third track is a little experience with a single sample, reinvented several times.

Download it HERE!

mandag den 17. januar 2011

Becoming Flesh Mountain - Sleep Tapes.

Here is an older album with Becoming Flesh Mountain entitled Sleep Tapes. It is six tracks of tape-noise and shit. Hope you enjoy.

Becoming Flesh Mountain - Sleep Tapes

01. Refined VHS Slumber.
02. Soft Sleaze Dreambox.
03. Death Eggs Pt. I.
04. Ill Bird Elegy.
05. Death Eggs Pt. II.
06. You Die Now, Fucker.

Download it HERE!

tirsdag den 11. januar 2011

Horde Prime - Reign of King Randor

Nearly an hour og dronish noisy ambience inspired by He-Man and The Masters of the Universe.

Horde Prime - Reign of King Randor (NIAVrec.006).

1. The Art Of Silence 1.
2. Such Nobility Sickens Me.
3. Even Brave Men Tremble.
4. Orko.
5. Eternia At Dawn.
6. The Art Of Silence 2.

Download it HERE!

lørdag den 8. januar 2011


Hereby follows all the albums FÆKAL OMSORG recorded in 2010.

Fækal Omsorg - Ave Deus Fæx (NIAVrec.002).

01. Intro.
02. Kristi Dingleribs.
03. For Fucks Skyld.
04. Gargoil-Bæ.
05. Russisk Bunkefnat.
06. Nekro Helvede.
07. Gekko Anus.
08. Herpes.
09. Hvalpenis I Deep Space.
10. Utopisk Fækalrige.
11. Til Døden.
12. Bambino Diller.

Nearly ten minutes of brutal blackened shitcore. Recorded in Omnipotent Doom Studio.
THIS ALBUM IS ALSO AVAILABLE AS CD-R (including booklet with danish, german and english translations of the lyrics). If anyone is interested please mail me.
If not:

Download it HERE!

Fækal Omsorg - Anus Invictus (NIAVrec.004).

01. Traktor.
02. Mild Bæ Symfoni.
03. Demokrat Pik.
04. Næb.
05. Narko Livmoder.
06. Gylp.
07. Egosfærisk Tyndskid pt. I.
08. Egosfærisk Tyndskid pt. II.

Anus Invictus was due to be released as a split with ULTRA9000 but of some reason it never happened... so here it is on NIAVrec.
Recorded in E.Lig's apartment in Randers, Denmark. 8 tracks of brutal schizophrenic poopmetal.

Download it HERE!

3. Fækal Omsorg - Greatest Shits (NIAVrec.005).

The reason why this album exists is because it was to be handed out infront of a Marduk concert in Aarhus, Denmark, to get the black metal fans to listen to FxO666.
Tracklist is long and too boring to write.... contains mainly material from 2009 release DEFÆCATIO DECADENTIA (released on Underground Pollution), AVE DEUS FÆX and ANUS INVICTUS.
BUT::::::::::::::::: There is ONE track written for this release called ET VAGINALT RENDEZVOUS and is perhaps some of the sickest FxO666 to date.

Download it HERE!

Becoming Flesh Mountain - Alien Noise Tiger

Ten minutes of mind-shattering noise.

Becoming Flesh Mountain - Alien Noise Tiger (NIAVrec.003).

01 .Carnivorous Quest.
02. Dragoon Leech.
03. Germicide.
04. Hoax Asphalt Habitat.
05. Horse Underneath.
06. Jylland.
07. Magnitude Quietude Antidote.
08. Necromancer Make-Out Party.
09. Senile.
10. Sine Weary Dreams.
11. Twat Superb Feeble.
12. Worm Repugnance.
13. Zen Keratitis-Lickerish Pecker.