tirsdag den 23. august 2011

FÆKAL OMSORG: Anus Invictus.

Noise Is A Virtue Records and Ablablablablabla's new label Shit Music for Shit People have collaborated on releasing the FxO666 album "Anus Invictus" on a 3" cd-r in a mini dvd case and with lyrics in a beautiful booklet.

Here is the front cover:

The album contains eight tracks of brutal blackened schizo-shitcore recorded in E.Lig's apartment early 2010.

The loyal follower of NIAVrec. will already have discovered that "Anus Invictus" is already available as download on this site.... and indeed it is...
...But if people would like to get their filthy paws on a physical product they can.

Visit Shit Music for Shit People HERE and gaze in wonder on all the great releases.


Shit Music for Shit People have also released the following Fækal Omsorg albums:

POOPMASTER SHITCORE (the FxO666 masterpiece).
TARDY CONSUMER SKANK (a business card cd-r EP with crazy shitcore noiseblasts).
A FxO666 split w. Fatal Position.

All these and many more available at Shit Music for Shit People!

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